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colours of life :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 1 0 LeafyIsHere drawing :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 4 0
I suppose.
I suppose~
There was a girl named Aika. She was friends with everyone but one boy. And that boy's name was Saito.
He always bullied her. Never beat, but the words were enough.
One day she stayed at school after classes due to her exams that were coming up. So she stayed in the school library to study. She loved the silence, but she could have never expected what was about to happen. The librarian often left the keys to Aika, so she could stay and read late. But this time she heard footsteps, coming closer. The school was closed by now and she was alone. Aika hid herself in the corner of the library and waited. Unluckly for her she was soon found. The person in front of her was none other than Saito. "What are you doing here book worm? Trying to hide from little old me?" Aika looked at the boy with hatred in her eyes and just pushed him aside to run away. But before she had the chance, Saito took her by the wrist and pulled her towards him. She tried to escape but that eventually ended
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eyes pack 1 :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 2 0
One day in my simple life
I always wake up when my pink cat starts to bark.
I brush my hair and comb my teeth.
 After that I put on my leather skin, my orange  trousers and my purple hat.
Then I go in the bathroom, cook my breakfast and eat.
 I usually eat wooden chopsticks with aluminium sheets and a glass of goo.
Afterwords I jump on my llama and head to work.
I work as a professional washing machine.
I go home when the sun turns blue.
Then I eat dinner with my best friend-the frog that steals my food and my wife- the fridge.
Afterwords I play video games on my banana and watch scary movies on my crystal ball.
Then, when the moon yawns for the first time at night, I go to bed.
Did I say how cool my bed is? It looks like a giant cloud, made from sugar and mud.
I wake up when my alarm clock goes off.
The first person I see is my doctor, standing beside me.
He is always holding my pretty grey cat.
This is when I ask my question: WHO AM I?
:iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 1
Dark Woods Circus
This is kinda based on the Vocaloid song DWC. The story is much different from the song. Even the characters aren't the same. Only a few similar characteristics  can be seen, but its not that big of a deal now, is it?
Have you heard of a legend that is not a legend at all? You haven't? Well, then let me tell you the story about Dark Woods Circus.
    This "legend" is famous mainly in the UK. It's about a circus lying deep deep in the woods. It looks like normal circus at first, but there are a lot of secrets, lying in the dark. All of the circus' entertainers are freaks. Now, you may tell me that I am just being rude, but trust me, its a living nightmare. They all look way, way different than any human.
    The ring
:iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0
Ciel x Oc x Dagger Part. 2 END?
Ciel x Oc x Dagger Circus monster:Love - Lost and found PART 2 END?

 Hello again, Dear reader-chan. This is part two of my little story about Dagger, Alice and Ciel Phantomhive.
On with the srory...
"Wow!"-Everyone said when they saw Alice and Dagger holding hands. That really was the beggining of something special....or was it....
Singing its silent song of misery,
A monster lies in its own trapped nightmare,
He is a tyrant, he lets out a plea,
"Why did she have to leave it all alone?"
Bound to sing it for us, a
:iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0
Ciel x Oc x Dagger part.1
Ciel x Oc x Dagger Circus monster:Love - Lost and found PART 1

Hello, dear Reader. I present you a story based on two things:my  first understanding of the song Circus Monster by Megurine Luka and a dream I had.| am using  the english verson of the song, so you can understand the story and heroine better. Again the Oc is Alice Lucia\Maria Walker. For now sit, relax and enjoy the story.
*Alice is a neko in the story. NEKO-CHAAAAN~
 Time is dead and gone,
Show must go on,
It's time for our act,
They all scream at me, they can not see,
This curtain hides me...

"You worthless circus monster!"
"Why dont you go die!"
"Heh, my sweet little
:iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 2 0
Information about Alice.
Name:Alice Maria Walker (not full name)
Real years:_____
Favourite colours:Red, Black, Blue, White
Siblings: a brother-Lucius
Looks:Usually-Snow white hair and bloody red eyes, but can change colours. A bit pale, really pretty. Has a mark on her eye. She cant change the colour of her left eye. It stays red, because she has a clock on her eye, witch if goes on 12'o clock she destroys the world. Has a devil tail.
Random facts:
1.Her father created her to kill.
2.Her tail is toxic for humans
3.She changes her hair colour and length.
4.Her eye colour changes depending on her emotions, state of mind and looks.
5.Alice cant tell secrets. She jist cant.Even infront of the very person who told her.
6.To every look of hers, Alice has a different name.
7. Her fav weapon is her scythe, witch she changes into every kind of weapon.
8.When Alice is scared, she turns into her five years old self and start yelling for her Onii-san to save her. This doesnt happen often.
9.She is the
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love :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0 The galaxy :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0 Cry? ver.2 :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0 Cry? :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0 Half a Second of Emotions :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0 The Season of The Tide :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 1 0 An Eon Later... :iconalicemariawalker:AliceMariaWalker 0 0


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Baymax Scanned : Hiro Hamada x Reader
"Hey, (y/n), I'm going to see one of my friends today, so you hold down the fort." Your mom said as she picked up her coat.
"Ma, honestly, I would like to get out of the house today. I feel like a fat person." You said as you squished your tummy.
"Oh... I guess you can come. You may be a bit bored. We will be talking and drinking coffee, probably." Your mom looked at you.
"Does she have any kids?" You asked.
"I think she has a nephew who is your age... But she said he is working on a big project for his science... Tech... School thing." Your mom stuttered.
"Mmm... That's okay. If we find something to talk about, great. If we don't, at least I won't be sitting on the couch eating mini wheats and watching cartoons all day." You laughed.
Your mom laughed and opened the door. You walked out and hopped in the car. When, after what seemed like an hour of driving, you got there, a woman ran out of the building and gave your mom a hug.
"Ah! Mary! It's wonderful to see you!"
"Hello, Cass! Great
:iconyear65:Year65 378 54
Unsafe: Hiro Hamada x Reader
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6.
Takes place four years after the movie, and you don't know about Hiro's extra curricular activities.

“We’ll bring you more coverage on the fight between Big Hero 6 and Kaiju in just a moment, but for now, we’ve got a video conference call with James Cowell a journalist who has been pretty out spoken in his distaste for our resident superheroes,” Dan Ashton, the head channel 7 news anchor introduces the man as a panel with this person’s image shows up on the television screen.
“Hello, Dan.  Thank you for accepting my call.”
“Of course, Mr. Cowell.  Now you have expressed a large dislike for the Big Hero 6 team, nearly from the beginning of their existence in San Fransokyo.  Would you please clarify your opinions?”
“Yes, well a common defense for them, as everyone knows, is that organized crime has decreased nearly 30% since their arrival.  However, more
:iconkatgirl28:katgirl28 676 76
The Ask
She opens her eyes, and everything comes into focus. She takes in everything, all at once, as things snap into clarity.
And then her heavy eyelids drift shut again.
She moves to walk, to reach, and slumps back into slumber.
She never stopped dreaming, and now I don't know how to wake her up.
:icontheycallmeloud:TheyCallMeLoud 1 2
Remilia Animation Test - 2 :iconprimantis:Primantis 47 28
Elf Warrior :iconzeilyan:Zeilyan 3,160 140 Vampire :iconcashile:Cashile 3,718 127
Drunk Texts [Kaneki x Reader]
[Reader’s perspective]
Fall in love, they said.
It’ll so fun. It’ll feel so nice. You’ll feel so good.
All bullshit.
It does nothing but cause grief.
But, no, of course not.
Fall in love, they said.
Well, I do; a sweet, little college student, that visits my favorite coffee shop, loves to quietly read, never bothering anyone. A million and one thoughts seem to run through his mind. We never spoke much, but the little that we did, he always presented himself with a smile and kind words.
He’s not the essence of film, a model, or fairytale. But, I love that. He’s down to earth. He’s simple. He’s real. He drowns out any lofty ideas of romance, just through his kind words and peaceful demeanor.
How funny we should attend the same college.
How funny we share similar classes.
And how funnier that we become such close friends.
It all seemed too good t
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 177 158
Mature content
Say You Love Me (Kaneki x Reader One Shot) :iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 79 22
Auxilium [Kaneki x Ghoul!Reader]
I love you.
Words so simple, so easy to say, words with such gravitas and power beyond human comprehension; words carelessly thrown about with little thought as to the meaning of each simple syllable; words so cherished, they carry themselves through time, guising themselves in every language to deliver that same power to these simple, terrestrial beings.
Kaneki Ken knew the significance of this seemingly simple sentence; so much so, just the thought of whispering it left his knees to tremble and his heart to race.
You visited the Anteiku, the same time every day: 4:00 PM, on the dot, books in hand, the same cup of coffee every day, and every time, you slaved away until the heavens closed the curtains for the sun to open the stage for the nocturnal celestial beings.
He wondered if it made him voyeuristic, but he enjoyed watching you from behind the counter; the way the warm glow of the lights cast a glow along your cheeks, in your locks, the way your lashes feathered across your
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 119 17
Mature content
A Night to Remember | Kaneki x Reader :iconzakhil:Zakhil 15 10
[Konoha x Reader] Sorry and Thank You
“Oh… Konoha… please stop…”
Now, don’t think something weird. Let’s get this clear.
You mumbled some curse under your breath. Why did he eat your snacks? It’s yours, isn’t it?
“Konoha… if you want something so badly, just go buy it.” You said.
'Don’t just say that, living android!' you thought.
You rose up from the sofa, and put your hoodie on. After tying your sneakers, you quickly went to the door, leaving Konoha and your manga on the coffee table.
“Where are you going?” Konoha asked.
“Buying some other snacks because you ate my last chips!”
You know you’d better not say anything about ‘going to buy another snacks’ because…
Konoha IS trailing you now.
‘This cute android…’ you sighed, and then stopped. “Come here, Konoha.&
:iconitazuradan:ItazuraDan 96 23
.:Konoha X Reader:. [KagePro]
It was a hot, yet breezy night. You didn't want to spend all day at the hideout with the rest of the group, so you took this chance to walk around the area while the streets are still deserted. As you were walking by, you spotted Konoha up under a shining street light, looking around in all directions as if he were lost.
You approached Konoha and tapped his shoulder. “Konoha, why are you out here alone? I thought you were going to stay at the den with the group.”
Konoha gazed into your eyes and faintly smiled. “(Y/n)..” He mumbled with a worried look in his eyes.

W-what’s going on?

You opened your mouth to say something, but he quickly cut you off. “I was worried for you.” He softly muttered.
“Oh..okay.” you paused.  “But I already told you guys I was going out for a walk before I left the den..” He didn't say anything and hung his head. “I don’t like it when you’r
:iconxmikuox:XMikuoX 67 10
Lavi Render :iconfantasyedition:FantasyEdition 17 0 Lavi Bookman :iconfantasyedition:FantasyEdition 66 8



38 deviations
LeafyIsHere drawing
Just casually decided to draw one of my fav Youtubers :3 La la la la 
The leaf was a must just because this joke is so friking old XD
My poor brown pencil is dead XD
Do not mind my awful leaf drawing skills XD
Leafy Bleach Chug Chat Emoticon IMMA JUST LEAVE THIS HERE BECAUSE.


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